We cooperate with several italian language schools, selected in order to offer you the possibility to spend a great holiday in a beautiful place and, at the same time, to learn our lovely language in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. We know them personally and can vouch for their reliability!

An italian language class in Sanremo, a beautiful and elegant sea resort on Mar Ligure, well known for the music festival and the exciting summer life.


The beaches on Mar Ligure, with more Blue Flag awards than anywhere else in the country, hosts during the summer hundreds of tourists. At the same time here you can still find some beautiful costline pleasantly uncrowded and known almost only to locals.

A group of students in Trapani Italian Language School. Here the idea is not just to taste but also to learn to prepare yourselves the best Italian specialities especially from the Sicilian tradition!


Upon request, the school organise Italian and Sicilian cooking classes with professional chefs. In each cookery class you will participate in the preparation of a full dinner, from antipasti (starters) to dolci (desserts), with a detailed explanation of every recipe.

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