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Rimini is the most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic Coast, favourite destination for tourists from Italy and all around the world.

For many people the main attractions are the beautiful sandy beaches and the clean sea, that together with the well developed touristic infrastructure, makes Rimini one of the most exciting and funny places where to spend summer holidays in Italy.

Several visitors though don't even know about the existence of a charming old town and, considering its artistic and hitorical value, this can really be a pleasant surprise.



In the old town there are at least four buildings well worth a visit.

The Arch of August, bulit in 27 B.C. as an honorary gate to celebrate Octavian Augustus.

The Malatesta Temple, conceived by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta as a memorial tomb for his family, decorated by Giotto and indeed still housing one of his wooden crucifixes.

Malatesta Fortress, a residence fortress built on the XV century and nowadays a prestigious venue for numerous cultural events.

Tiberius Bridge  began under the Emperor Augustus in 14 A.D. and completed under Tiberius in 21 A.D., spans the Marecchia river and marks the start of Via Emilia, one of the most important roads of the Roman Empire, running from Rimini to Piacenza.


Language Center Tiberius

Tiberius International was born in Rimini in 1994 and its seat is in the historic centre of the town at the Tre Re (three kings) Palace.


All over the years the institute has obtained:

  • Ministerial recording

  • Authorization from the Foreigners University of Siena as examination centre DITALS

The courses are held all the year round and are aimed on the students’ needs in the way to develop suitable skills and learning self independence.

Teaching is based according to the six levels of knowledge provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, and each course will be followed by two teachers which share the topics: vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation and grammatical structures.

For the future Tiberius International wishes to achieve new goals to offer continuous innovation in the study of Italian language.



The price includes:
- entry evaluation test
- teaching materials

- periodic progress test
- oral and written test

- final diploma/attendance certificate
- old town guided tour
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
€ 250,00 € 380,00 € 450,00 € 540,00

EXTRA WEEK: €150.00 

Standard course is a all year round divided in the six levels already mentioned, from the

beginners (A1) to Advanced level (C2) and can least 1 week minimum.

Standard course is suggested for students who wants or need to use daily speaking. Through

exercises and practice activities you will be able to take the skills you need to understand and

communicate in oral and written Italian.

The four lessons per day are held from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13. In particular cases the

standard course could be done in the afternoon.

The classes are made up of 3 students minimum, 12 maximum.



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