Accademia Studioitalia is an award-winning Italian language school in Rome providing intensive Italian
language courses, junior programs, Italian exam preparation and teacher training in a stimulating and
innovative educational environment.
For nearly 30 years STUDIOITALIA has been a leader in Italy and in the world of teaching, offering training courses (projects) for foreign students to learn both the Italian language and culture in a stimulating, innovative educational environment, cooperating with universities and cultural institutes all around the world.
Studioitalia is at the center of the educational network around which students can build their own program and work to reach their goals. In order to deliver the best experience and service possible for our students we strive to incorporate our passion, professionalism, innovation and creativity into all aspects of our work, thereby creating a stimulating multilingual and multicultural learning environment.
At Studioitalia we do not merely teach Italian grammar, but adopt an approach that looks to teach students the proper use of the language. Our objective and focus is not purely the linguistics elements of the language but rather empowering the student with the ability to communicate confidently while integrating into our society and culture. The game "serious" and suggested and guided by the professionalism of our trainers is the basis of all our training programs and serves to "forget" the student what he is doing (the rule of forgetting), which acquires language without realizing it, that does not feel like an effort, in a flow. Learning a language does not have to be a chore, as is still frequently said of learning a language but rather a fun activity that leads to an essential change of the personality of an individual. Here at Studioitalia you learn by doing rather than by drilling and repetitive studying, it is more akin to training your linguistics muscles. A goal that increases the students’ self-esteem, independence and satisfaction when communicating in another language.
Teaching languages is more than simply the act of information transfer, but rather a comprehensive learning model that incorporates an array of factors requiring delicacy and understanding coupled with a number of interdisciplinary skills (psychological, educational, neuroscience, artistic, etc..).
Our staff have many skills and functions, they are facilitators, specialists and of course graduates, but more importantly they have years of experience abroad, speak foreign languages and their intelligence is not only measured by their IQ’s but augmented by, being emotionally, socially, culturally and empathically aware and understanding. Our didactic approach goes beyond the instruction of merely the language but attempts to impart the elements and ideas necessary to learn in general. We feel the passion and dedication exhibited by our staff goes beyond purely a method of teaching but attempts to embody an art form, incorporating the diverse skills necessary to communicate. If not an artist’s then craftsmen helping to design a course customised to the needs and objectives of the student. We fully appreciate that the teacher cannot be the focus of the course but we strongly believe that teachers should be talented, charismatic and engaging. Our ultimate aim is to motivate and inspire our students.
One of our main objectives is to promote a multicultural and multilingual Europe, as is laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference, and all of our training projects have at their center the principles and guidelines stipulated by the CEFR. These days one can learn anything in various environments, as such we attempt to recognize the changing nature of the world and offer our students a broad based approach. Bearing this in mind we don’t limit our learning to classes but rather encourage our students to utilise Rome as a learning environment where they can apply what they learnt in a practical setting while immersing themselves in a new culture and society. Our approach is to incorporate as many aspects of real life as possible, literature, music, the importance of food and wine in Italian culture, this multidirectional approach helps to foster understanding of the culture and language while offering an interesting and fun approach to learning. Learning is its most effective when it is fun.
Last but not least is the topic of technology which we have integrated as an effective tool to achieve the aforementioned objectives. While we don’t perceive technology as a fundamental necessity to learn a language we appreciate the changing nature of the world and invite you to bring your own devices to class. Yet we would prefer the hands on approach of interacting with and walking the streets of Rome, getting a feel for the city as well as how the language is used outside of a textbook.


Corso di Italiano per Stranieri
20 ore/settimana

Iscrizione: € 60,00
da 1 a 4 settimane  € 150,00
5+  € 120,00
(prezzo a settimana)
6 mesi (24 settimane)*  € 2,640.00


  • Inizio Corso: Ogni Lunedì
  • Durata: 20 ore settimanali
  • Frequenza: 4 ore al giorno
  • Orario: Dalle 9:15 alle 12:30 (Pausa dalle 10:45 alle 11:00)

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