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Set on the westernmost tip of Sicily, among fishing towns and breath-taking seascapes, Trapani is the Italian city closest to Africa.

During Pre-history, Trapani was but a cluster of small islands and rocks that in time have been made into one strip of land, until they formed the sickle-shaped peninsula we know today.

Apart from its shape, Trapani will surprise you because of its position, between sea and mountain, that is between Mount Erice and the waters where the Egadi islands rise--Favignana, Levanzo et Marettimo.

Just outside the city you will find the Saline's reserve where shallow saltpans mirror the sky's colour, from blue to pink, and still yield table salt according to age-old methods.

In front of Trapani rise the Egadi islands, the largest sea reserve in Europe, with their clear waters and typical fishing towns.

Halfway between Trapani and Marsala, in the Stagnone Lagoon, archaeology and watersports live together.

West of Trapani, massive pyramid-like Mount Cofano, surrounded by the sea on three sides, is also an environmental reserve with two main footpaths.  

Last but not least, next to San Vito lo Capo lies the Zingaro reserve: a six-kilometre stretch of untamed coast with the nicest beaches in Sicily!


Scuola di lingua italiana Virgilio


Scuola Virgilio is an Italian language school proposing intensive Italian language classes in Italy. Our Italian language courses in Sicily can offer you a study abroad program with the right balance between Italian language study, Italian culture courses (Italian cinema, cooking, history of Italy...), outdoor activities and pure fun.

Thanks to the beauties of Trapani and to our cosmopolitan young staff of mother tongue Italian teachers we can offer you the perfect mix to make the most of your study holidays in Sicily.

Italian group courses and Italian private classes are open to everybody from 18 years old up. Our intensive summer programs are based on small group Italian classes of 15 hours per week, 3 hours a day every morning Monday to Friday.

A standard course lasts two weeks, although Scuola Virgilio offers Italian tuition from one up to eight weeks.

One-to-one Italian private courses are available upon request.

In addition to studying Italian you can also attend our Italian culture classes and Italian/Sicilian cookery courses followed by a dinner.



- Yearly Membership Fee (30)


Membership fees includes

- Administrative charges, test evaluation;

- Customised support to find the type of accommodation that best suits you;

- Welcome pack with tourist information

- Membership card that entitles you to discounts and other advantages in selected shops, bars and restaurants in Trapani.

- Tuition fees: 180 per week (minimum 2 weeks)

Only one week: 200€



2016 DATES

A standard course lasts two weeks



Start (Mondays)

Finish (Fridays)

Session 1

May 30

June 10

Session 2

June 13

June 24

Session 3

June 27

July 08

Session 4

July 11

July 22

Session 5

July 25

August 05

Session 6

August 08

August 19

Session 7

August 22

September 02

Session 8

September  05

September 16

Session 9

September 19

September 30

Session 10

October 03

October 14

Italian and sicilian cookery courses

What we propose to you is not just to taste but also to learn to prepare yourselves the best Italian specialities especially from the Sicilian tradition!

Upon request, we organise Italian and Sicilian cooking classes with professional chefs. In each cookery class you will participate in the preparation of a full dinner, from antipasti (starters) to dolci (desserts), with a detailed explanation of every recipe. Each cooking lesson takes a whole afternoon and it ends with a full dinner (wine-tasting included) that participants will share around the table with the chef.

Here are a few Italian and Sicilian recipes, very simple and tasty: to begin with, a sweet-and-sour caponata salad with aubergines and olives; then, pasta with pesto sauce, either the classic Genoa pesto or the stronger Trapani pesto;  followed by Palermo style herrings rolled with pine nuts, raisins and bay leaves; and finally a juicy and refreshing lemon or almond granita.




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